Chlorine Pools: Can Dogs Swim in Them?


Ah, chlorine pools, to put your dogs in or to keep them away from the fun? Our furry pals are family to us and the last thing we want to do is harm them. I know it can be so difficult when you want to play with your pup but you just aren’t sure whether it is going to give them some kind of ear infection or perhaps they will drink too much chlorine and end up with an upset stomach.

Some dogs have absolutely no interest in joining you in the pool, but other dogs are more than excited to take the plunge and hang out with the family. If you have a dog that is more toward the latter example here are some recommendations for you.

Chlorine Pools and Pup Safety

You’ve decided to let your four-footed friend into the chlorine pools, so how can you best keep him or her safe? Keep a close eye to see how your dogs relate to the pool. Is this a giant bowl of delicious water to them? Or are they in it for the fun and playtime with their humans? If they don’t look like they are too interested in drinking the pool water then the amount of water they ingest through normal play in chlorine pools should not be harmful. Another thing to think about is that the chlorine isn’t really to blame for ear infections when dogs have a problem with the chlorine pools. The blame should go to the fact that the ears remained wet. After pool time, take a nonchlorine water and give the dog a good washing but make sure that you then dry the ears.

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